Magnesium Premium B6 - 60 caps

Magnesium Premium B6 - 60 caps

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Magnesium is a broad-spectrum component and an important part of more than 300 enzymes. Energy potential of the body highly depends on the amount of magnesium involved in various processes in all organs and tissues of the body. This is especially true for heart and loaded muscles that are high energy consumers.

According to scientists, an adult body normally contains approximately 25 g magnesium. Most of the magnesium is located in bones in the form of phosphates and bicarbonate.

Magnesium Citrate
Vitamin B6
Pharmaceutical Gelatin
Magnesium Sterate
Silicon Dioxide

Cardiovascular diseases.
Endocrine diseases (diabetes).
Nervous system diseases.
Osteoarticular diseases.
Respiratory Diseases.
Male and female reproductive system diseases.

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