Omega 3 Value, 1000mg - 120 caps

Omega 3 Value, 1000mg - 120 caps

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Omega-3 fatty acids play important roles in the body and have numerous health benefits. They are an essential fat, which means that human body needs to get it daily from food or dietary supplements. Grassberg Omega Value is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Each capsule of this product contains high quantities of active nutrients 18% EPA 12% DHA. Fish oil used in this product is extracted from wild fish harvested in northern regions. Daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids helps to significantly improve overall well-being, strengthen the immune and the central nervous system, and also improve cognitive functions.

Eicosapentaenoic Acid
Docosahexaenoic Acid
Vitamin E
Fish Oil
Antioxidant MAtrix
Ascorbyl Palmitate

Polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the concentration of low-density lipoproteins and normalize the ratio of triglycerides to cholesterol, which is a key factor in combating cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids help to cleanse blood vessels and prevent blood clots, strengthen the immune system, improve memory, and have anti-inflammatory effects.

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